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UK aid: Britain should not turn its back on people in need

Theresa May today spoke to staff from the Department for International Development (DFID), reaffirming Britain’s commitment to helping those in need.

The Prime Minister said, “UK Aid is a badge of hope for so many around the world.

“It appears on the side of buildings, school books, medical supplies and food parcels in some of the toughest environments and most hard-to-reach countries on the planet.”

A promise to the world’s poorest

In response, Save the Children UK’s CEO, Kevin Watkins, said: “The Prime Minister is absolutely right – Britain cannot and should not turn its back on people in need.

“We made a promise to the world’s poorest people, and because of the UK’s aid commitment, we are keeping this promise.

“It is a promise that is saving lives, extending opportunities for education and combating the disadvantages faced by girls and women.”

Helping millions survive and thrive

He continued: “The extraordinary response to the East Africa food crisis, and the money raised by Comic Relief last Friday are testament to the generosity of the British public.

“All around the world, British aid workers risk their lives every day to help millions of children survive and thrive. We should honour their efforts.”

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