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Mexico Earthquake: from the front line

Ivonne Piedras works in Save the Children’s Mexico country team and is assisting those affected by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that has so far killed over 230 people and forced thousands of families from their homes.

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Large-scale power outages have made it nearly impossible to get hold of any information but somehow, Ivonne found a way to send us a voice recording.

“Yesterday, we had a huge earthquake around Mexico and the state of Puebla. the second earthquake in the last two weeks.

“The population is in very difficult circumstances. We have reports of trapped people in two buildings, we know more than 30 buildings have collapsed and we we know more than 200 people have died including 20 children in a school which collapsed.

“People are afraid, but they are empowered to help.

“Right now our teams are visiting shelters in order to assess how many children have been affected and in order to provide access to child friendly spaces. We are reaching out to the schools  we work with and the people we work with in the areas worst affected in the city. We may have to launch an intervention and activate our mobile shelter, which moves around the city, looking after children and making sure they’re OK.

“We know that the earthquake has been felt all throughout in the entire Mexico city and we’re sure that children are emotionally affected and we know children affected by this terrible earthquake.

“Save the Children is supporting children in Mexico by constructing safe, child-friendly spaces in shelters across in Mexico City. We’re still working in Oaxaca, which is still recovering from the last earthquake felt two weeks ago.

“It’s really important to create these safe, child-friendly spaces so we can gather the materials and resources we need to keep children safe.”

Our Emergency Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergencies like this. Your donation will go to children affected in disasters across the world.

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