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How We’re Supporting A New Kind Of Vaccine

I’m proud to support the Child Health and Mobility Initiative because every child has the right to healthy development and an education.

At [tomorrow’s/today’s conference], I [‘ll be speaking/spoke] about the importance of creating conditions under which children can be protected from traffic and road injuries and against poisonous fumes – all of which are unfortunately too prevalent in children’s lives today.

The Child Health and Mobility Initiative is incredibly important because it shines a spotlight on these issues.

A new kind of vaccine

At Save the Children, we know that vaccines are saving lives every day, by preventing killer diseases. But it’s a new kind of vaccine that will save children from traffic injuries.

That’s why I’m pleased the Child Health and Mobility Initiative is urging policy makers to come up with solutions to these problems. While these are issues that can have a dramatically negative impact on children’s health, they are easily solved through forward-thinking initiatives such as the #everylife Speed Vaccine campaign.

Initiatives such as this will radically change the lives of children, protecting them today and in the future.

Follow the initiative on Facebook, with the hashtag #everylife.

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