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Meet the team on our life-saving rescue ship

Since our search and rescue ship launched just over one month ago, our team has already rescued more than 800 people.

That includes around 140 children – the majority of them travelling on their own.

Here are just some of our staff on board the ship, who continue to save lives at sea thanks to your generous donations.

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Child Protection Team

More than 90% of children crossing the Mediterranean are on their own. Our child protection team identifies these children, registers them and makes sure they get the support they need both on board the ship and once they’re in Italy.

Viviana Valastro, Child Protection Manager


Lori Murray, Child Protection Manager



Medical Team

Many people we rescue have been travelling at sea for days, crammed on overcrowded boats with little supplies. Once on board our ship, our medical team assess and treat them, giving them vital medical care.

Marina Buzzeti, Nurse


Michele Lupi, Nurse


Francesco Borrelli, Doctor



Cultural Mediation Team

Our cultural mediation team are key in providing psychosocial support for children and their families. They also support vulnerable children and identify people who need medical help. They’re vital for helping other staff members understand the customs and traditions of people on board the ship, and to communicate their needs.

Adan Abdi, Cultural Mediator


Miya Tajima-Simpson, Cultural Mediator



Managing Team

These are the people who make sure our search and rescue operations run smoothly – from ensuring people we’ve rescued have food, water and blankets to making sure children have a safe space to play in.

Roger Alonso, Team Leader


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