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Supporter Care celebrate Den Day!

The Supporter Services team settle down in their den.
The Supporter Services team settle down in their den.

Greetings from Supporter Services! It’s been a busy month here at Save the Children, but we’ve still managed to find the time to enjoy building a lovely, cosy den for Den Day, Save the Children’s new event for children, which launched on 29 May.

In schools and homes all over the country, nearly half a million children and their families have been creating their own super shelters. And by getting sponsored to stay in their dens overnight, they’re helping us make life better for children around the world.

Getting started

The great thing about Den Day is that anyone can get involved. We’ve heard some amazing stories about Den Day parties and sleepovers, school assemblies customising and decorating their flags – and it’s not just children who’ve been having all the fun!

Here at Supporter Services, we set out to build our own den with gusto. Working with our amazing supporters might be more our forte, but that wasn’t going to stop us from creating an architectural masterpiece…or a pile of sheets collapsing in on themselves – beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say!

Our construction team of three arrived bleary-eyed early in the morning, determined to build a den, and raise money for the children we work with in Nepal. We’d all been out of the den building game for years, so the task seemed rather daunting.

But after a tentative start, we soon got stuck in – and realised that those den building skills hadn’t left us after all. They were just buried under being an adult and all that grown-up stuff.

After much shuffling around of a hat stand and a cardboard cutout tree (don’t ask), Sharon and her trusty clothes pegs combined to create an inviting little hideaway, tucked away in our little corner. Who knows, it might even become a permanent fixture!


Even though it’s a busy office here, word soon spread about a wondrous pile of sheets and fairy lights in the corner of Supporter Services.

There were murmurings and whispers about where it had come from and it didn’t take long for curious bystanders to pass by and test it out. Of course, we didn’t forget that Den Day’s all about saving lives – so we set up a Just Giving page as well to raise money for our Nepal Emergency Appeal.

Donate to the appeal

Thanks so much for stopping by on our blog page and best of luck with your own den adventures! We always love to find out what our wonderful supporters are up to so please do share your pictures and experiences on our Twitter and Facebook page, or drop us an email to supporter.care@savethechildren.org.uk.


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