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DR Congo: Model Poppy Delevingne sees how we help keep babies alive

Poppy Delevingne Save the Children Democratic Republic of Congo
Poppy Delevingne with a nurse at a rural vaccination clinic that is supported by Save the Children, near Kinshasa, DRC.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the worst places in the world to be a child – one in five children die before the age of five.

British model Poppy Delevingne travelled to the DRC to see the work we’re doing there to help save, protect and educate children in the country.

During her trip, Poppy met with mothers whose children were dying from easily preventable causes such as malaria, malnutrition and pneuominia, or simply because a doctor wasn’t there when their mothers gave birth.

It wouldn’t happen here

These are all issues that here in Britain could be easily treated with a trip to the doctor. But in the DRC there simply aren’t enough health supplies, ambulances and trained doctors.

“It’s been an adventure that has taken me completely out of my comfort zone,” says Poppy.

“It’s been incredibly thought provoking…meeting mothers and children who so desperately need help has been truly emotional.

“We need to change the hopeless situation in the beautiful DRC.”

Poppy visited our programmes where she met just some of the dedicated health workers we’ve trained, including Mama Yvette (below). Mama has worked for over 14 years in a clinic that we support.

She travels into the community to teach mothers how to look after their children and makes sure that unwell children are referred to the clinic.

As well as healthcare, our work in the DRC focuses on education and child protection – we’ve built classrooms, trained teachers and distributed learning materials. We’ve also trained communities to prevent and respond to exploitation and abuse of children.

Please donate now to help us continue with this life-saving work.

Poppy Delevigne Save the Children Democratic Republic of Congo
Poppy and Mama Yvette, at Kindele health clinic, supported by Save the Children, Kinshasa, DRC.

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