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Syria crisis: Refugees are people, not statistics

Rakan Diab, Save the Children, Lebanon

Two years ago, Lebanon became a host country to Syrian neighbours attempting to escape their war torn country.

During my visit to the health centre in Bar Elias, I witnessed how Save the Children is helping so many refugee children and pregnant women. The friendliness of our staff and their responsiveness and sensibility made my day a bit brighter.

I learnt about the free healthcare offered by Save the Children, and began to understand how the organisation is helping so many. The women I spoke with were extremely grateful that Save the Children continues to provide such assistance.

Accelerated learning

I later visited a school in Bar Elias that is providing accelerated learning programmes for children aged 6-14 years. Accelerated learning programmes allow the children to regularly participate in subjects such as English, Arabic, and maths.

The children were happy to be in school learning, and this programme has made it possible for them to be part of a learning process that will build their skills, elevate them from poverty and give them hope of a better life in the future.

Returning people’s dignity

I humbly enjoyed experiencing the work Save the Children does to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. Though it is easy to forget, we must remember that refugees are people and not statistics. They have been detached from their roots and witnessed horrors most of us can never imagine.

Too often, we hear or read stories about refugees being treated in a discriminatory manner and their health and education needs being disregarded. By focusing on the most essential assistance required for dignified living, Save the Children is working to provide life-saving care and services.

I have witnessed first-hand how Save the Children gives humanity its meaning back.

If a community is judged according to how it treats its most vulnerable members, then Save the Children has passed with flying colours.

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