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S is for…..

Working in the Supporter Care team, we are well aware of the many areas of Save the Children’s work which need support.

We often fundraise, usually putting the money towards general funds so it can be used where it is most needed at that time. Occasionally we will choose a specific appeal to fundraise for.

When the situation in Syria began to escalate late last year, like many of our supporters, we couldn’t just stand back and do nothing. We wanted to do something, but what?

S is for…

One member of our team, Sharon, came up with a plan: a fundraising event for each letter of the word ‘Syria’. The first was S for soup. Sharon made a big batch of soup (carrot and coriander, in case you were wondering) and sold it to our colleagues with a roll for £2 a bowl.

Y is for…

It was a great start, raising £36. The second event was Y for yummy cakes (slightly tenuous but all in the name of fundraising!) where we had a good old fashioned bake sale. Cakes always go down well around here.

R is for…

R was for Raffle – prizes were donated by people in the office and tickets sold for £1 each. One lucky person won a bottle of vintage champagne!

I is for…

I stood for IQ so Sharon organised a quiz night in a local pub. £147.75 was raised, which was matched by someone very generous from Thompson Reuters to make a total of £295.50.

A is for…

The final event will be an ‘Autumnal lunch’ where everyone in our department will be invited to make something to share for lunch and pay £1 to come and try everyone else’s dishes.

Fundraising doesn’t have to mean organising a big event: even something like a cake sale can raise enough to make a difference. We hope our fundraising efforts have given you some ideas, so that next time you think “I just wish I could do something to help!” you realise you can!



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