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Farewell Myanmar…

Unfortunately this is my final blog from Myanmar :o(

I have had a great last 6 months working in the logistics team as part of the Logistics Skills and Development Project…this was my first overseas deployment but I feel like I have learnt so much in such a short space of time!

Last week we had an intense week of training in logistics which was a fun and busy way to end my time here. The training was conducted to train representatives from all 50 of our field offices (in upper Myanmar and not just the Delta). As the logistics processes roll out all over the world, the small offices that before didn’t really know what logistics meant had the chance to get stuck into some logistics games and ask all the questions they could.

Most of the offices are very small so some of the work seemed a bit overwhelming for them…it will take some time for the procedures to sink in, but in general everyone seemed to have an interesting week and make some good new friends along the way.

One of my favourite simulations was a simple game about the supply chain that we had created. We borrowed some Lego bricks from the Education team and got the teams to buy some construction material in the market (our table of Lego bricks) and build a building in their village (a Lego brick house in their corner of the room)…it was really fun and I think we managed to portray some good logistics lessons in the process :o)

It will be sad to leave Myanmar…but thank you so much to everyone who has made my 6 months so interesting and valuable!

Over and out (for now at least)

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