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BILLABLE HOUR: Emergency Fund

“When Fatima got sick, I cried.” her mother, Amina* says. In East Africa, Children are fighting to stay healthy and in school due to drought. Families are forced from their homes - whether in search of food, water or an income. This can result in children dropping out of school, denying them of a future.

Extreme weather killed off Amina’s livestock and losing her livelihood meant Amina couldn’t feed her family. Her daughter Fatima became malnourished and very sick with diarrhoea and vomiting. Children like Fatima* are surviving with nutritional milk, food supplements and antibiotics, thanks to the Emergency Fund. After ten days at a Save the Children health facility, Fatima’s strength has begun to return.

How you can help

This year children’s resilience has been put to the test in numerous crises around the world: climate change in the Horn of Africa, violent conflicts in Yemen and Syria, outbreaks of deadly diseases in the DRC and the Philippines, and lack of stability in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Despite the challenges, Save the Children’s Emergency Fund continues to enable a timely response to global humanitarian emergencies, helping children and families survive and recover from life-threatening disasters. This year, the fund has supported 45 new emergencies in 36 countries.

Nobody knows when the next crisis will strike. Save the Children and the Billable Hour would be very grateful for your support in reaching children in the critical first hours and days of an emergency –helping them survive and rebuild their lives, before it's too late.

How did Billable Hour begin?

In September 2015, the terrible consequences of the refugee crisis were plain. Horror at the sight of children fighting for their lives compelled us all to help.

A group of lawyers set up a donation page and invited professionals to donate a sum equivalent to a single billable hour of their time.

The campaign was called Billable Hour and raised over £200,000 in its first year. All the money was given to Save the Children to help  refugees.

Now, The Billable Hour is focused on supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, ensuring that children and their families receive the much needed life-saving support whenever a disaster strikes and impacts their lives.

Save the Children's emergency fund approach

*Names have been changed to protect identities