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In September 2015, the terrible consequences of the refugee crisis were plain. Horror at the sight of the suffering of desperate children washed ashore compelled us all to help.

A group of lawyers set up a donation page and invited professionals to donate a sum equivalent to a single billable hour of their time.

The campaign was called Billable Hour and raised over £200,000 in its first year. All the money was given to Save the Children to help us in our efforts to aid refugees.

Today, Yemen is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, with children at its centre. Now, Billable Hour is focused on reaching the 11.3 million Yemeni children in need of urgent support.

How you can help

For 5 years, the crisis in Yemen has put children on the front line of conflict, under 16,000 air strikes, and witness to horrors children should never have to see.   

With many doctors and nurses unpaid, and medical supply chains disrupted, more than half of health facilities are closed or partially functioning. Yemen’s healthcare system is crippled and struggling to respond to the urgent needs of children affected by the conflict.  

We’re doing whatever it takes to save children’s lives, operating through 97 fixed health facilities, treating wounds and injuries. We’re also helping children come to terms with their experiences and improving their coping mechanisms by providing psychosocial support, and Child Friendly Spaces.  

We’re also working hard to change the course of this war. We’re campaigning for Saudi Arabia to abandon a failed military strategy in favour of working towards a political solution. We’re calling for the UK Government to push for an end to the conflict - and to demand our allies to stop bombing children.  

Save the Children has reached more than 2 million children in Yemen, and your support can help us continue to bring lifesaving medical support to those who need it most.