We work with the poorest people in Kenya, including nomadic communities living on a knife-edge, refugees from war-torn Somalia, and vulnerable children with uncertain futures. And we have one overriding aim: to help dramatically cut the number of child, newborn and maternal deaths. 

A community health worker with a child in Kenya.

Fatuma, a community health worker trained by Save the Children, takes three-year-old Iqra's temperature as part of her weekly home visits.

One of Africa’s most developed countries, Kenya is also one of the most unequal. And the places where we work present huge challenges - from severe drought conditions in the north east province to the enormity of the Dadaab refugee camp.

We're working with nomadic communities to increase their incomes and build their resilience to future disasters. We're working in Dadaab refugee camp to improve access to schooling and ensure that children are protected from harm.

Across the country, we're working to increase access to quality nutrition and healthcare services.

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