We’re very excited to announce that YouTuber Scarf Demon – also known as 24-year-old Chloe Dungate - has won our #Vlog4Good project and will be the new host for our YouTube channel.

Chloe, whose self-produced animated videos already get thousands of views, now has editorial control of our YouTube channel. For the next year, she will be producing a new film for us every week.

“I’m unbelievably excited to be part of such an amazing and unique Save the Children project,” said Chloe.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to help bring Save the Children’s work to the forefront of the YouTube community and hopefully make a huge difference along the way. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe!” 

Here's the first film she's made for us:

Tough competition

#Vlog4Good is a first for the charity sector. Votes for the finalists were crowdsourced at this year’s Summer in the City as well as through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, after a high profile panel of industry experts (right) helped narrow down the entrants.

Keep your eye out for Chloe’s next video – coming soon to our YouTube channel