UK child poverty: it shouldn't happen here

Right now, in this country, children are going to school hungry because they don't get a proper breakfast. They go through winter without a warm coat or a decent pair of shoes. Some even have to sleep on a damp mattress on the floor because they don't have their own bed. And according to our report - It Shouldn't Happen Here - the recession is making things so much worse.

This is child poverty in the UK today. But together we can make sure children get a better deal. Support our work here at home and help us give every child in Britain a chance. Please donate



Poverty kills childhood and destroys futures.

The first few years of a child’s life can be the difference between a happy, rewarding life and one spent trapped in a cycle of wasted potential and hopelessness.

Even in tough times there are ways we can get children a better deal.

Across the UK we’re making sure they get the essentials they need – a hot meal, blankets, a warm bed – and your money can help.

We're also making sure kids get off to the best possible start in education. Poor children are six times more likely to leave school without any qualifications than their better off friends.

Together, we can turn this around. We can break the vicious cycle that keeps people poor – generation after generation.

Our work here in Britain is making a difference. We desperately want to expand it so we can help more children

Child poverty. It shouldn’t happen here. It’s wrong and you can do something to help.

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