Untapped Potential

How England’s nursery lottery is failing too many children

October 2016



If a child is already behind in their development when they start primary school they are more likely to be behind not just throughout school, but for the rest of their lives.

Untapped Potential presents new evidence that attending a childcare setting with highly qualified staff has a substantial and positive impact on a child’s early development.

Yet this report also reveals that in 2015 more than a quarter of a million children in England were denied high‑quality childcare provision. Children in the poorest areas are most likely to miss out.

And while there were significant improvements over the last decade in the quality of provision for young children, progress has now stalled.

Untapped Potential sets out our agenda for what needs to be done to reinvigorate progress in childcare quality – and to ensure the best early years support for every child.


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