The UK Poverty Rip-Off: The poverty premium 2010

This report identifies the full scale of the 'poverty premium' and the effect it has on the poorest children and families in the UK. Find out what we're calling for.

January 2011 0.00

It is a shocking fact that families on a low income are still paying more for their basic goods and services than better-off families in the UK. This annual ‘poverty premium’ can amount to more than £1,280 for a typical low-income family.

The cost of gas and electricity is an expense that no family can avoid. Adequate heating is a basic requirement to protect children’s health and wellbeing. Families who cannot afford to pay heating costs could therefore be putting their children’s health at risk.

This report sets out the full scale of the poverty premium and outlines our calls to all industries to ensure that the poorest families do not pay more.

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