This report looks at witchcraft accusations, the many causes for this phenomenon and the role of revivalist churches.

March 2006


This report summarises our knowledge on the issue of children accused of witchcraft in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The information and analyses presented are all drawn from various research studies and from the experience our programme has gained through reunifying and reintegrating around 2,000 children in the cities of Kinshasa and Mbuyi-Mayi. In addition, it draws heavily on our direct work with pastors from the revivalist churches, communities and parents who have accused their children of witchcraft.

The report examines three broad subject areas:

  • the dynamic of witchcraft accusations
  • the multiple causes of this phenomenon
  • the role of the revivalist churches.


PDF icon The Invention of Child Witches in the Democratic Republic of Congo (English)350.04 KB