The Child Development Index: Holding Governments to account for children’s wellbeing

First-ever global index comparing countries’ performance on child well-being.

December 2008 0.00

Save the Children has developed the first ever global, multidimensional tool that enables us to monitor how individual countries are performing in relation to the wellbeing of their children – the Child Development Index. The Index will help to ensure that governments are held to account for the impact of their policies and priorities on children.

We hope it will put a real spotlight on governments, so that good performers feel emboldened and proud of their achievements, and poor performers are pressured to up their game.

“The Child Development Index fills a gap in policy-making. For the first time we can assess development across countries not only on the basis of economic growth or dollar-a-day poverty, but in terms of how children are faring. This Index tells us where children are doing better, and where progress is being eroded. It highlights that Africa has both some of the world's best as well as some of the world's worst performance. This Index will make Governments aware of their country's progress and help them to address it.” - Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the Africa Development Bank

“Save the Children's innovative Child Development Index is an invaluable tool for policy makers to assess the impact of their policies on child well being. It is also a stark reminder that we cannot assume that economic growth will have an automatic impact on children's well-being. I and the International Development Committee have challenged the UK Government to give priority to nutrition and gender issues. This report is essential reading for policy-makers seeking to tackle child deprivation and international development.” - The Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP, Chairman of the International Development Committee, United Kingdom.

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