State of the World's Mothers 2014

Saving mothers and children in humanitarian crises

May 2014


The 15th annual State of the World’s Mothers report examines the impact of humanitarian crises on maternal, newborn and child survival in countries consistently ranked as the most difficult places to be a mother.

Since our Mothers’ Index was launched in 2000, the majority of the bottom ten countries have been fragile states in the middle of, or emerging from, a humanitarian emergency. In addition, many of these countries face ongoing health crises due to chronic challenges, including limited access to good-quality healthcare. 

State of the World’s Mothers 2014 concludes that every country must be better prepared to assist mothers and children in emergencies. We also must begin the difficult but urgent work of providing stability in the most fragile regions of the world, and identify ways to build better access to healthcare in these contexts.

Ending preventable deaths of mothers and children will not be possible until fragile countries become more stable and healthcare more accessible.

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