Progress in Child Well-Being: Building on what works

The remarkable improvements in the situation of millions of children in the last two decades are clear evidence that ‘development works’.

April 2012

Progress in Child Well-Being analyses the improvements to children’s lives during the past two decades in five sectors: health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education, and child protection. It includes case studies of countries that have made strong progress in improving children’s well-being: a clear demonstration that when the right steps and approaches are taken, ‘development works’. 

However, the world as a whole is not on track to meet most of the child-related MDGs. The report makes a compelling case for greater investment in ‘child-sensitive’ development, and highlights the key role of official development assistance. The authors set out the factors that drive change and the key steps to achieving progress in children’s well-being, and point to the areas where more needs to be done.

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