The Power of Reading

How the next government can unlock every child’s potential through reading

April 2015


An inability to read well risks a life of poverty and a struggle for too many of today’s children. The mission of the Read On. Get On. campaign is to ensure every child is able to read well when they leave primary school by the year 2025. We’re calling on everyone to play their part.

The Power of Reading focuses on the crucial role of government in achieving our goal. Stimulating the society-wide change that is necessary to improve children’s reading calls for national leadership and significant policy change.

This election year of 2015 is pivotal. Whoever forms the next government will have to act quickly if they are to instigate the huge changes necessary to close the reading gap in a decade.

This report sets out key recommendations for the next government in two crucial domains where national government has influence in England: nurseries and primary schools.


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