Participation — Spice it Up!

This fun and lively manual provides more than 40 tried-and-tested activities and games to get children and young people involved in the decision-making process.

March 2003 18.95 1841870625 1841870625

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"Any group, large or small, which wants to develop a creative and effective approach to involving children in decison-making should get a copy of this and prepare to have fun!" Playwords

Packed full of practical tools and ideas for engaging children and young people, Participation - Spice it Up! is serious fun and a fun way to deal with serious issues.

The main course of the book consists of over 40 tried and tested activities you can mix and match. These cover everything from getting started, gathering information, long-term planning, evaluation and keeping everyone AWAKE.

All the activities are clearly laid out and easy to follow with ideas on how you can creatively adapt them. At the end we've provided menus of activities from the sessions we've run all over the country with all kinds of people. All this fare is spiced up with nice cartoons.

Who should buy this book? All professionals and organisations who work with children and young people - for example, local authority workers, school teachers, play workers, youth workers, care workers, health professionals. In fact, anyone who wants to make any planning and consultation serious fun.