More and Better

Global action to improve funding, support and collaboration for education in emergencies

May 2015


As part of the international discussions exploring the potential nature and shape of a new global mechanism designed to increase funding to education in emergencies, Save the Children has identified a set of principles which we would like to see advanced by the creation of any new mechanism.

We believe that a new global education in emergencies fund or mechanism has a unique and historic opportunity to help deliver:

1 More and better funding, ensuring that funding both grows but also helps to ensure that it can be used better.

2 More and better support, beyond increasing the volume and effectiveness of funding a new mechanism should also help to improve educational planning and delivery in advance of, during and after emergencies.

3 More and better collaboration and commitment, contributing to the development of new policy, practice and systems which incentivise the international education, development and humanitarian sectors to work together and allow them to demonstrate leadership of and commitment to education in all contexts.

Background on the call for a new fund for education in emergencies, a brief overview of the funding crisis and the case for education in emergency contexts along with more details on how these principles could be advanced via new global action are set out in the document.

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