Further, Faster, Fairer

Reaching every last child with immunisation

September 2016



Progress in the coverage of immunisation services over the past decade has been impressive, with 86% of children globally now receiving basic vaccinations.

However, there is cause for concern.

Progress has recently slowed and the 2011–2020 Global Vaccine Action Plan is off-track. 19.4 million children under one year old – one in seven – are still excluded from the full benefits of immunisation.

Further, Faster, Fairer shows that these excluded children are not evenly interspersed among other children who are being vaccinated. Instead they are concentrated in communities that are systematically excluded from progress.

Every child has the right to immunisation as part of their right to health. 

This report argues that domestic policy and resource choices must ensure that immunisation and other essential health services reach every last child, working towards Universal Health Coverage. It explores global factors that affect countries’ ability to reach every last child, including a fairer and more equitable global tax system, development aid that is fit for purpose, access to affordable vaccines, and a research agenda that responds to the needs of countries where children are left behind. It also looks at other important issues that must be addressed for countries to make progress, including ensuring accountability to children, and tackling household and community-level barriers to reaching them with services.

Breaking down the barriers that drive exclusion is possible – but requires renewed political leadership, commitment and investment. Actors at all levels have a responsibility to ensure that every last child can realise their right to immunisation.

Further, Faster, Fairer puts forward recommendations for governments, development partners, the private sector and civil society to help drive this agenda forward. We must act now.


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Listen to the launch of Further, Faster, Fairer with immunisation experts from UNICEF, the World Health Organization, Gavi, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GSK and Save the Children:


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