Every Last Girl

Free to live, free to learn, free from harm

October 2016



This report looks at how we can help promote gender equality and get power where it belongs – in the hands of every last girl.

It explores three key barriers that hold girls back – and that we focus on in our work:

  • child marriage
  • poor access to good-quality services – including health and education
  • girls’ lack of a voice in private and public spheres.

These three barriers are violations of girls’ rights. They also pose formidable obstacles to progress in other areas of development.

In addition, our Girls’ Opportunity Index sheds light on levels of gender discrimination around the world, and highlights the countries where girls’ rights are most at risk.

Every Last Girl, the second report in our Every Last Child series, also identifies three specific Guarantees to Girls. These three guarantees will help governments reach the girls who are furthest behind – such as those who live in fragile and conflict-affected states, those who are on the move as refugees, those in the poorest countries and in disadvantaged regions, and those who face multiple forms of discrimination.

Together, through realising the three Guarantees to Girls, we can ensure girls are free to live, free to learn and free from harm.


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