Every Last Child

The children the world chooses to forget

April 2016


Most children who die or lose out on education are not ’just’ poor.

Discrimination is also an underlying cause of millions of children dying needlessly, being denied the chance to learn or being exposed to violence.

Together these two injustices – poverty and discrimination – add up to exclusion. And it’s apparent in every country and for millions of children.

Every Last Child tells the story of these forgotten children, addressing key questions:

  • How many children are excluded?
  • What’s the impact of exclusion on children?
  • What are the drivers of exclusion?
  • Is it getting better or worse?
  • What can be done to tackle exclusion?

This report presents new quantitative research findings on excluded groups – children from ethnic minorities, those in disadvantaged regions of their country, and excluded girls.

We also point to shocking inequalities faced by refugee and internally displaced children, as well as those who often go uncounted – including children with disabilities and street children.

Drawing on these new findings and analysis, this report identifies a series of measures to ensure no child is left behind. And it urges leaders around the world to meet that challenge by making Three Guarantees to All Children: Fair Finance, Equal Treatment and Accountability.

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