Read On. Get On. - Every child in the UK reading well

Connor reads a book at his school in Kent

Six-year-old Connor reads at his school in Ashford, where our Born to Read programme is helping improve children's literacy.

The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. Family background matters more to a child’s life chances here than in almost any other rich nation.

Being able to read well is critical to breaking this cycle – and to improving a child’s future.

Each year we leave thousands of young children, many of them poor, behind in their reading. Reading well is essential to tackling the long-term effects of poverty on children and giving them a good start in life. We need to turn things around.

What is Read On. Get On?

Our Read On. Get On. campaign is calling on governments across the UK to make sure that every child is reading well by age 11 by 2025. We also want to make sure that they achieve good early language development by the age of five. This would be a game-changer in making the UK a fairer country.

The Read On. Get On. campaign is made up of a wide coalition of organisations working together towards the goal of getting all children reading well. But achieving this will take all of us and we need your help.