Race Against Hunger

David Cameron has promised to put the issue of child malnutrition at the top of his agenda. It's vital for the world's children that he keeps his promise. Join us in making sure he does by urging him to use next year's G8 Summit in Britain to push for ambitious plans to end the global hunger crisis. 

Thanks to the campaigning of thousands of our supporters David Cameron held a hunger summit with other world leaders on the last day of the 2012 Olympics.

At that summit, the Prime Minister promised to put hunger at the top of his international agenda.

It's vital for the world's poorest children that he keeps that promise.

Let's make sure he does:

Sign our petition calling on Mr Cameron to use next year's G8 Summit for the biggest push against hunger.

Hunger: the hidden killer

The Race Against Hunger is one we must not lose. Every single hour of every single day, 300 children die because they don't get enough of the right food.

Their starved bodies are left so weakened by hunger they can’t fight off diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia.

For those who survive, hunger can be a life sentence. For millions of children, the damage from malnutrition in their first few years often lasts a lifetime.

That’s why tackling hunger is a key part of our campaign to save children’s lives – No Child Born to Die.

Our world has enough food for everyone – no child should die because they can’t get enough of the right food to eat.

But right now high food prices mean malnutrition is actually increasing in some countries. Last year’s spike in food prices put 400,000 more children’s lives at risk.

This is a race we can win.

We’ve made dramatic progress over the last 10 years, in reducing the number of children who die every year of completely preventable causes.

The Race Against Hunger is on – lives are at stake and we have to act fast. We need people in their thousands – political leaders, companies, organisations and members of the public – to help tackle the global hunger crisis.

Unless we win this race, we could sacrifice the incredible progress we’ve made in saving children’s lives.

Together, we can give every child a life free from hunger