Liberia and beyond

We're proud to be working with the Today programme to highlight the challenges and opportunities facing Liberia. We've worked there since 1991 and helped tens of thousands of children as the country recovers from more than a decade of war.

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Healthcare in Liberia: healing scars, fighting new battles

We visit Phebe Hospital, Bong County, with John Humphries and learn about its tragic past and the major challenges it faces in the years ahead.

Chotti: from street to school

Watch our photo story of six-year-old Chotti who lives on the streets of New Delhi and find out what we're doing to give her a route off the streets and out of poverty.

Stolen childhoods: protecting children worldwide

Across the globe, we protect the forgotten children - those shut away in institutions, conscripted into militas, beaten and abused, forced to work in mines and factories.