Cameron in Liberia: a real chance for the world's poorest children

David Cameron could help lift 350 million children out of poverty when he takes part in a UN panel in Liberia today.

Friday 1 February 2013

It's just one of the ways the Prime Minister can help millions of children around the world this year. We’re also pressing him to act on the global hunger crisis when he hosts June’s G8 Summit in Northern Ireland.

If the right decisions are taken by the UN panel – which Mr Cameron co-chairs – we believe it could end extreme poverty in the next 20 years and help to prevent 3.5 million child deaths per year by 2030.

Historic opportunity

The UN High Level Panel on Post 2015 Development is tasked with creating a framework for global development after the current Millennium Development Goals expire in two years’ time.

Brendan Cox, our policy and advocacy director, said: “If it does its job right, this panel will go down in history for setting out a blueprint that finally banishes two of the greatest injustices from our planet – extreme poverty and preventable child deaths.”

Our recent report Ending Poverty In Our Generation lays out a roadmap that we believe will achieve these ambitious goals.

Aid works

Six UK health workers have recently returned from Liberia where they experienced what their counterparts face there.

They learnt of the enormous progress that’s been made including the introduction of free health care for mothers and children under five. This policy has been made possible in part because of UK aid.

Kath Evans, a paediatric nurse from Welwyn Garden City, said: “This week has really confirmed for me that aid is making a difference. It’s making a difference to the lives of children,” she said.

Watch a video of Kath and her colleagues talking about their Liberian trip

An end to hunger

Mr Cameron’s trip to Liberia comes a week after Save the Children and 100 other organisations launched Enough Food for Everyone IF – the biggest ever push against hunger.

Already more than 40,000 people have joined the campaign, which aims to win tangible policy changes from G8 leaders when the meet in June.

One of its key demands is that the Coalition government delivers on its promise to spend 0.7% of our national income on aid from 2013. You can help make sure it does by joining Enough Food for Everyone IF.

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