Read On. Get On. In England

A child's future chances - at school and in their working lives - depend on the progress they make when they're three, four and five.

To become good readers at primary school, children need the best possible early years education. That’s why as part of our Read On. Get On. campaign, we're asking the government to invest in nurseries - but we need your help. 


Good quality nursery education plays a crucial role in getting children ready to read and learn when they enter primary school. If a child starts primary school already behind, they’re more likely to finish unable to read well.

Children from the poorest families can be 15 months behind at just age five. This has a huge impact on their future success.

We want the government to ensure there's an early years teacher leading every nursery by 2020, by investing in early years education.

It's all part of our Read On. Get On. campaign to make sure that by 2025 all children are reading well by the age of 11.

For further information on Read On. Get On., view our detailed reports.