UK aid saves lives


This year, six million fewer children will die needlessly than in 1990.

That’s no coincidence: without aid, change on this scale just wouldn’t have been possible.

UK aid is transforming the lives of the world's poorest people. It reaches millions of children and their families with lifesaving healthcare, emergency relief and education to safeguard children’s futures.

We’re proud of UK aid – and we hope you are too.

As we head towards an election, it’s time for the UK to stand firm in our commitment to the world’s most vulnerable children and their families.

We’ve come too far to turn our backs now.

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A promise to the world’s poorest

A woman and her children who were helped by UK aid in Ethiopia

Ferhiya and her family lost everything when flash floods hit their home in Ethiopia. UK aid helped them get back on their feet.

Times may be tough, but helping people less fortunate than we are is part of who we are as a nation.

Prime Minister Theresa May said in early 2017: “UK aid is a badge of hope for so many around the world. It appears on the side of buildings, school books, medical supplies and food parcels in some of the toughest environments and most hard-to-reach countries on the planet.”

Aid helps millions of children around the world by delivering life-saving medicines to stop children dying and help the poorest families feed themselves.

Britain’s commitment to international development doesn’t just save lives, it helps the world’s poorest countries stand on their own two feet by strengthening their health, education and tax systems.

Now is not the time to walk away.

Proven results

In the last five years, UK aid has made some amazing things possible.

  • 67.1 million children have been immunised to protect them against preventable diseases - that’s more than the population of the UK.
  • doctors, nurses and midwives supported by UK aid have delivered 5.1 million babies.
  • 49.7 million long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed nets have been distributed - saving up to 808,000 lives from being lost to malaria.
  • 11 million children have been helped to get an education through training 177,000 teachers, building classrooms and ensuring the poorest girls and boys have school bursaries and textbooks.

We must not turn our backs now – the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children are at stake.

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Updated: April 2017