No Child Born To Die: Saving children's lives

A young childBianca was six-hours-old when this phot was taken. She was born in Kopsiro Health Facility in Bungoma County, Kenya which has the highest number of maternal and newborn deaths.


What was No Child Born To Die?

No Child Born To Die was a campaign that we launched in 2011. It had huge ambitions. We wanted to save 15 million children’s lives by making sure that every child has access to the basic life-saving healthcare that many of us take for granted.

What happened?

Over the five years that it ran, you campaigned with us to achieve amazing changes for children.

Among other things, you got world leaders to fund life-saving vaccinations and malnutrition treatment that saved around 6 million children’s lives.

We couldn’t have done this without your help. You signed petitions, emailed David Cameron, and joined rallies to make sure that world leaders acted to save children.

Thanks to you, we’ve changed the lives of a generation.