IF Enough Food for Everyone: What it achieved

IF: Enought food for everyone campaignersIF campaigners in Westminster before the 2013 budget. They called on the government to keep their promises to the world's poorest people.

What was IF?

Enough Food for Everyone IF was a huge campaign supported by tens of thousands of people across Britain - including thousands of Save the Children supporters - and more than 200 charities. Together, we demanded that the Prime Minister and his fellow G8 leaders take decisive action on hunger in 2013.

You emailed your MPs, signed and shared petitions, created craft pieces, dressed up as George Osborne and came in your thousands to the Big IF London rally in Hyde Park.

All this hard work resulted in millions of children’s lives saved - proof that campaigning works.

Investing in fighting hunger

At the London Hunger Summit on 8 June 2013, £2.7 billion was pledged by governments, companies and charities towards the fight against hunger.

This money will fund plans and projects to combat malnutrition in 20 of the world’s most poverty-stricken countries and will save 1.7 million lives.

The day also saw 45,000 people gather at the Big IF London in Hyde Park. Danny Boyle - Artistic Director of London 2012 - made asked G8 leaders to end world hunger. He was joined on stage by philanthropist Bill Gates. The crowd also heard messages of support from David Beckham and Eddie Izzard.

Ending tax dodging

We also called for tough action on tax dodging by unscrupulous companies and individuals – scandalous behaviour that deprives the poorest countries of billions they could use to feed their people.

On 15 June 2013, as a result of pressure from all of you, a historic deal was struck with UK tax havens such as Jersey, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

They'll now be forced to share information with developing countries – information that has been kept secret for generations.

And at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland itself on 17/18 June 2013, we built on that progress by securing a global deal for helping developing countries collect the taxes they are owed.

Both of these achievements will help poor countries claim billions of pounds in tax that belongs to them.

Why you can be proud

Without your support, we would never have secured anything like the £2.7 billion to tackle hunger that was committed at the Hunger Summit and tax dodging wouldn’t even have been on the G8 agenda.

Together, we can be immensely proud of our role in saving the lives of so many children.

It’s proof that campaigning works - that when enough of us speak out, our leaders listen and move in the right direction.