Give girls power

The London family planning summit in 2012 delivered real progress on giving girls and women everywhere the power to choose when and whether to have babies. Commitments made by world leaders mean more than 3 million children’s lives will be saved between now and 2020. Thousands of you joined our campaign to make this possible. Thank you.

More than 15,000 people signed our petition to Prime Minister Cameron asking him to make sure the summit made a huge step forward in increasing access to contraception and empowering women and girls.

Having access to contraception is vital. But so too is the need to break down the barriers that prevent women and girls accessing family planning such as the lack of sex education, healthcare, legal rights and cultural practices like child marriage.

Thanks in part to your campaigning over the past month, $2.6 bn (£1.68bn) was pledged to increase the supply of contraception and fund more healthworkers, who are so important to support women with family planning decisions.

Key progress

Key commitments were made by countries such as India, Malawi, Niger and Bangladesh that will mean more girls being empowered to decide when or if they have children. The UK government has also said it will increase help for women and girls in 28 countries.

This all means fewer girls having babies before they’re ready and will give them the chance to safely space their pregnancies.

One of Save the Children’s youth delegates to the summit was 17-year-old Aslefe from Ethiopia. She wrote a heartfelt email to thousands of our supporters on Tuesday asking them to send David Cameron a final message.

Hope in her eyes, ambition in her voice

At the Summit, Aslefe got to meet the Prime Minister, and clearly made an impact.

In his speech to delegates, Mr Cameron said: "Just before I came onto this stage today I met Aslefe. She’s an inspiring young woman from Ethiopia. She told me she is the captain of her village football team. She uses football matches to distribute materials, contraceptives and HIV prevention methods.

“She wants every woman and girl to have access to family planning and wants improved health systems in Ethiopia so girls her age no longer have to suffer. She has hope in her eyes. She has ambition in her voice.

"She gives you that sense that she believes things really can change. Today we are investing in that hope for Aslefe and for girls like her all over the world.”

Thank you for your support. Together we’ve helped achieve changes that will save the lives of millions of children in the coming years.