Save the Children Club

When kids join the Save the Children Club, they get to explore the world with our amazing activities for children, and discover what life is like for children their age in other countries - without leaving their living room!

Designed for kids aged 7-11, our packs of children's activities are a fun way to pass the time - and learn something too - during school holidays or at weekends.

3 steps for Save the Children club sign up

What your child will get

When kids become Save the Children Club members, we'll send them an amazing welcome pack full of activities for children - with a massive world map wall chart, an official Club badge and fun stickers.

After that, they'll get sent three packs a year, so they can learn about another country through the eyes of a child their own age.

Save the Children club starter pack

Through Save the Children Club activity packs, your child will get to explore the everyday life of a child on the other side of the world.

They could find out how to play their favourite game, learn a few words of their language, make a model of their house, read their favourite story, cook a local dish or watch a film of their typical day. And using their world map wall chart they can learn about where they live.

They'll also get exclusive access to the Save the Children Club website, where they'll find even more activities, games and quizzes designed for learning at home. Every month, a new activity will be added - so there will always be something new to discover! Sign up today.

Save the children club pack


Make their world a little bigger

Every pack of children's activities focuses on a boy or girl from a different country and is packed with hands-on ideas that will give your child a window into a different way of life.

Get all this for a donation of just £10 a month - and the money you give will help us save and transform children's lives, from Bangladesh to Brazil, India to Indonesia.