Face-to-face fundraising

One of the ways we raise funds for our vital work is through face-to-face fundraising: speaking to people on the street and in private sites such as shopping centres.  

Face-to-face fundraising is an opportunity for our fundraisers to explain our work in person, and for our supporters to ask any questions they have immediately. It also means we can speak with people who may not otherwise have heard about our work.

Our fundraisers speak to members of the public about setting up regular donations through Direct Debit. Supporters who give on a long term basis like this are really valuable to Save the Children as they enable us to plan and budget. 

Got a question?

Frequently asked questions about face-to-face fundraising.

Making a real difference

Regular donations from members of the public also give us the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of children around the world and here in the UK. 

Since we started doing it in 1999, face-to-face fundraising has recruited thousands of new regular givers for Save the Children, generating in excess of £65 million enabling us to save children’s lives, and helping them fulfil their potential.

“I (naively) didn’t know a lot about what you do, [but the fundraiser] explained it with confidence and a genuine passion. He was an absolute pleasure to talk to and very easygoing. He had me signed up on the spot!” Save the Children supporter

Who do we work with?

In 2016, we are working with Urban Leaf and One Sixty for our street fundraising activities.