Your pay packet changes lives

Workplace giving – also known as payroll giving or give as you earn – is an easy way to donate monthly to support our work

Wherever they live, overseas or in the UK, every child deserves the best start in life. Too many have to fight against the odds.

We're helping thousands of children, every day. With your support we could help thousands more. A small gift from you, each month, could help us give children a better start in life.

Why workplace giving is a great way to donate

  • It’s simple to set up – just decide how much you want to give and fill in the form. We do the rest. 

  • Your donation is taken straight from your salary every month before your tax is deducted, so it’s a tax-efficient way to give. 

  • The government increases the size of your gift at no cost to you.

  • Some employers also match donations, check if yours does!

  • You can stop or vary your gift any time you want.

  • You’ll see your donation on your payslip. We'll communicate with you to keep you up to date on our work

“I didn’t realise payroll giving was so easy to do, until I did it. One form filled out and handed in, and now I give to my charity of choice every month without any hassle tax-free! I encourage any one who wants to give to do it through their payroll!” Mike Thorne, Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser UK.

How to introduce payroll giving in your workplace

If you’re an employer (or if your employer doesn't offer workplace giving), visit our pages for employers.