Help more newborn babies survive their first day

Help newborn babies survive their first day

The first 24 hours of a new baby’s life are the most crucial. Complications at birth, infection, and breathing difficulties can threaten any newborn baby.

But in the world’s poorest countries, millions of mothers have no choice but to give birth at home without basic medical supplies or a midwife. 

Luckily, baby Zakaria (above) was born at a Save the Children clinic in Somalia where a midwife was on hand to deliver him safely.

But every year one million babies like him die on their first day of life.

Most of these deaths are preventable.  

Your donation of £3 a month could help us to build more clinics and train more health workers to deliver babies safely.

With your ongoing support they’ll survive their first month and year too – all the way to the crucial age of five and beyond. 

Please donate today. Thank you.