Give in memory

Donate to charity in memory of someone to celebrate their life, while also giving the world's most vulnerable children the chance of a better childhood.

Donate in Memory: Your donation could help people like this mother and her baby in BangladeshWhen flash floods hit Bangladesh, our teams waded knee-deep through water to give vulnerable people like Shabnum and her four-month-old Samirian money to buy food and clothes.


Donating to charity in memory of a loved one can give children around the world basic necessities. Items like food, mosquito nets and shelter, as well as access to education, healthcare and safe places to play.

There are lots of ways that you can support Save the Children in memory of someone:

Your gift means more than just survival – it means a future filled with hope.

For more information, or to request funeral collection envelopes, email or call 0207 012 6400.

Last updated: January 2016