RB and Save the Children unite to help stop children under five dying from diarrhoea – through a unique approach of combining innovative technology with expertise in implementing life-saving programmes, we will together tackle one of the biggest killing diseases of children under five globally.

In April 2013, RB and Save the Children announced a new global focus to their existing partnership, with a goal to target the devastating global death rate in children under five from diarrhoea; a preventable illness.

Through our joint programmes, we’ll save thousands of children’s lives. RB will invest money where it will have real impact – in research, product innovation and long-term behaviour change.

We will work with experts to explore how we can change attitudes and behaviour towards hand washing.

Our actions will make a lasting difference to children around the world.

Mutual business benefits

Our partnership combines RB’s global expertise in hygiene, health and innovative technology with Save the Children’s expertise in delivering life-saving treatments, bringing us a step closer to achieving our mutual vision where no child under the age of five dies from preventable causes.

The partnership has continued to evolve with the needs of RB’s business, while remaining aligned to Save the Children’s organisational priorities.

By developing new, innovative products, RB aims to reach base of pyramid consumers to create safer home environments, helping families to live healthier and happier lives.

The passionate, driven culture of RB employees has supported the inclusive, sustained growth of our partnership.

RB’s 36,000 employees across 60 offices are all committed to achieving the same goal and show their engagement with our partnership by raising funds and awareness.

"Businesses like RB have a responsibility beyond results and our larger role is to do more for the world.

We want to make a difference by providing innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. And our growing partnership with Save the Children will go some way to creating lasting improvements in the health and hygiene of vulnerable children and families globally.

Together, we want to help stop diarrhoea being one of the biggest causes of death in children. This is ambitious – but we believe that with the knowledge and strength of our partnership, it is achievable.”

Rakesh Kapoor, CEO, RB

RB recently launched a new campaign to raise awareness of their ambition to remove diarrhoea as a leading cause of death among children. Take an action now! Help stop children under five dying from preventable diseases by Giving A… Second, Share, Shout, Selfie or Sign to help end deaths from diarrhoea. Visit www.IGiveA.net now. #IGiveA

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