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Education company Pearson has joined forces with us to launch an innovative new partnership. Called 'Every Child Learning', it aims to tackle the educational barriers faced by children affected or displaced by emergencies. 

Children at kindergarten in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan.

Children take part in activities at Save the Children's Rainbow Kindergarten, the first pre-school facility to be set up in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan.

Pearson is the world's largest education company, with operations in over 70 countries. Our three-year partnership, worth £1.5 million, will increase educational opportunities for Syrian refugees. It aims to develop innovative new education solutions that can be adapted, scaled up and replicated in other emergency contexts.

John Fallon, Chief Executive of Pearson, said: “The world's youngest citizens are often the most vulnerable to conflict. Places of learning should always be safe havens where everyone is able to learn and develop the skills they will need in their lives.

"We’re delighted to be partnering with Save the Children to help ensure young people continue to have the opportunity to learn and progress in the aftermath of crises.”

Helping child refugees in Jordan

To kickstart the partnership, Pearson will invest £500,000 over two years to support our work in Jordan. This money will help create learning environments that promote quality education, protection, life skills and wellbeing for 1,400 children aged 5-13. 

The project will be implemented at centres in two communities in Amman with the highest refugee population and greatest need.

Our education centres will create a stimulating and safe environment for children and their parents where they can access psychosocial support, as well as taking part in structured learning activities. They will also help children gain the skills and knowledge they need to integrate into the Jordanian education system.

Justine Greening, UK International Development Secretary, said: “Four years of conflict have left Syria’s children scarred, homeless and at risk of becoming a lost generation without a future.

"That’s why education is at the heart of Britain’s package of essential support to thousands of Syrian families, whose children will be called on to rebuild their shattered country.

"The Every Child Learning initiative from Pearson and Save the Children is a very significant and welcome contribution to these efforts.”

Expertise in education

Over the course of the partnership, Pearson and Save the Children will combine their respective expertise to develop transformative solutions that will improve the quality of education for children in emergencies. 

This phase of the partnership will begin with pilot initiatives in the Middle East designed to improve the delivery of education in the region. These can then be adapted, scaled and replicated in other emergency and conflict-affected contexts around the world.

Last updated February 2016.