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Our diverse staff are led by our chief executive and the executive directors, who are accountable to Save the Children's Board of Trustees.

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A global movement

Save the Children was founded in London in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb and her sister, Dorothy Buxton. In the century since then, Save the Children organisations have been established in 29 nations around the world. Each of these members is part of the Save the Children Association.

Members lead on activities within their home territory and work with donors to develop programmes abroad, which are coordinated and delivered by a central body - Save the Children International - via teams on the ground in each country. Save the Children International also oversees humanitarian responses.

This structure enables Save the Children to use its resources efficiently and have the greatest possible impact for children around the world.

Our staff

Save the Children’s global workforce is made up of around 25,000 staff, including 17,000 who are employed by Save the Children International, and 8,000 by members. Within Save the Children International, 97% of staff live and work in the country where the programme is being delivered. 

As of December 2015, Save the Children UK had 1,151 staff members, mostly based at our London head office with others located across five other UK regional offices, supporting our UK programmes in the field and running our shops.

We also have 112 specialist staff members deployed internationally to provide emergency humanitarian capacity and technical support to overseas programmes.

Our volunteers

As well as our staff, we have over 13,000 UK volunteers, who are a vital force behind our work.

Volunteers form the backbone of Save the Children, running our shops, fundraising and advocating for our cause, organising events, campaigning, and supporting our learning and development work.

Their endless reserves of generosity, energy and enthusiasm ensure we can deliver real change for children, both in this country and around the world. 

We do not send volunteers from the UK to any of our overseas programmes.

In line with our aim of encouraging self-sufficiency and building skills locally, we employ national staff and involve volunteers wherever possible.


Last updated: July 2016