Our President: HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne

HRH The Princess Royal has been President of Save the Children UK since 1970, when it was the first major charity with which she became closely associated. Her Royal Highness works to increase awareness of what we do around the world, and to raise funds for our work with children.

President of Save the Children, HRH the Princes Royal, Princess Anne

HRH the Princes Royal speaks to guests at the 2015 IFR Awards about Save the Children’s work to combat Ebola and our response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

The Princess Royal spends a significant amount of time visiting Save the Children’s projects, both overseas and in the UK. Most recently, she has travelled to Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Her Royal Highness says of her work:

“As President of Save the Children, I am fortunate enough to view the organisation’s activity at home and abroad and I am always struck by the unwavering commitment of the staff to improving the lives of children.

“From significantly reducing malnutrition in some of the poorest parts of Bangladesh to sheltering, feeding and vaccinating the young people affected by the devastating winds and rain of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and ensuring children in the UK leave primary school reading competently and able to fulfil their potential, their efforts to ensure that every child survives to live a happy, healthy life are outstanding.”

In addition to visiting our teams on the ground, Her Royal Highness regularly meets fundraisers and volunteers, and visits our shops around the UK. She also attends and speaks at many of our special events.

Over the last five decades, The Princess Royal’s work with Save the Children has given her great insight into the needs of children worldwide. In 1990, it inspired President Kaunda of Zambia to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

For more information, please contact Ruby Weaver at r.weaver@savethechildren.org.uk


Last updated: January 2016.