Asia is the largest continent in the world. The wealth of people living within Asian countries varies widely, and there are widening gaps between rich and poor people.

Afghanistan - Save the Children Afghanistan

We’re working hard on the ground to protect children, stand up for their rights and provide vital healthcare. And we're giving girls the chance to learn.

Bangladesh - Save the Children Bangladesh

Millions of children in Bangladesh are at risk of poverty, malnutrition and disease. But our programmes are helping to prove change is possible - on a major scale.

China - Save the Children China

Standards of living in China are rising, but inequality is growing. We're working with communities, NGOs and the government to ensure no child is left out.

India - Save the Children India

A driving force in the world economy, India is surging ahead. But tens of millions of children are being left behind. We're determined to help them catch up.

Indonesia - Save the Children Indonesia

Indonesia is home to 84 million children. Our teams are working in communities across Indonesia to reach the most marginalised and vulnerable.

Myanmar (Burma) - Save the ChildrenMyanmar (Burma)

Our work in Myanmar began in 1995. We’re reducing the number of young children dying from preventable diseases and protecting vulnerable children.

Nepal - Save the ChildrenNepal

We support children’s rights and ensure they are able to survive, learn and live in safety. And we're working hard to help families recover after the 2015 earthquake.


We started our work here in 1979. We’re providing children with protection, healthcare and an education, as well as responding to emergencies.

Philippines - Save the ChildrenPhilippines

We running education, health, nutrition and protection programmes in the Philippines. When Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013, we launched a major emergency response.

Sri Lanka - Save the Children Sri Lanka

We’ve worked in Sri Lanka for over 30 years. We help children get a better education, protect their rights and help families rebuild their lives after disasters.


We started working here in 1990. We’re advising children on the risk of HIV and AIDS, and helping ethnic minority children get a good education.



Last updated: January 2016.