South Sudan

Thousands of children in South Sudan are on the brink of famine. Since violent conflict erupted in December 2013, more than two million people have been forced from their homes. Our teams are there, treating children for malnutrition and distributing medicines. Help us do more.

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Lomor, 14 months old, is treated at our stabilisation centre. (Photo: Magda Rakita/Save the Children.)

Lomor, 14 months old, is treated by our team. (Photo: Magda Rakita/Save the Children.)

As the world's youngest nation is ripped apart by violent conflict, children in South Sudan face a hunger crisis.

Driven from their homes, children and their families are sheltering in overcrowded camps where food and water are in short supply.

Thousands of children have been separated from their parents.

Our teams are on the ground doing whatever it takes to get life-saving aid to these desperately vulnerable children, but we need your support to save more lives.

How your donation will help children

So far, we’ve reached more than 180,000 people, including almost 110,000 children, with vital aid.

We’ve screened 50,000 children for malnutrition and set up specialist treatment centres. For families who have lost their livelihoods, we’re distributing seeds and tools to help them get back on their feet.

We're providing life-saving medicines and we’ve vaccinated 15,000 children against potentially deadly diseases, such as measles and polio.

The conflict has separated many children from their families. Our tracing teams are working with local NGOs to help reunite them.

Rachael’s story

South Sudan Save the Children Rachael,* 11 months, eats high-nutrient peanut paste. (Photo: Christena Dowsett/Save the Children.)

Rachael* is not even one year old and already she’s suffering from acute malnutrition. She had stopped eating, but since our team treated her, she’s begun to put on weight.

Her mum, Rebecca, now brings Rachael to our treatment centre in Waat for a weekly check-up.

“I am very happy with what Save the Children has done for my child,” she told our team. “Without help I am worried that she would not be alive.”

Thousands more children face famine in South Sudan. Help us reach them.


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*Name has been changed to protect identity.

Last updated December 2015.