Right now, hunger is threatening children's lives in Somalia. Back-to-back droughts have left thousands in urgent need of help.

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Our emergency teams are on the ground now, delivering food, water and medical care to children and families who desperately need help.

We're a leading agency in Somalia and have been working there for years. In Somaliland, we’re working with the ministries of education and health and other organisations, improving nutrition, reducing child and maternal mortality, and establishing and improving child protection systems.

In Puntand, we’re working with communities, helping to provide basic healthcare and getting more children into school.

Our emergency nutrition and health programmes help thousands of children and mothers. And in education, we’re helping more children get into school for the first time, and helping to deliver vocational, life skills and literacy training.

In the areas affected by conflict, we rely on our extraordinarily skilled Somali staff to maintain our humanitarian neutrality and provide the services that save children’s lives.

Donate to our East Africa Food Crisis Appeal