Sub-Saharan Africa is the poorest region in the world. Half of all the deaths of children under the age of five occur in the region. West and Central Africa has the world's highest numbers of babies dying within the first 28 days of their life.

Burkina Faso Save the ChildrenBurkina Faso

We work with local authorities to improve education and provide much-needed treatment for children with acute malnutrition.

Democratic Republic of Congo - Save the ChildrenDemocratic Republic of Congo

Since 1994, we’ve been helping children caught in conflict. We’re reuniting children with their families and helping to give them an education.

Ethiopia - Save the ChildrenEthiopia

Despite progress in the last 30 years child mortality rates are still high. We've embarked on a plan to make Ethiopia a place where children can thrive.

Guinea - Save the ChildrenGuinea

In Guinea, we’re saving and improving children's lives through our child protection, education, healthcare and vocational programmes.

Côte d'IvoireIvory Coast

We’ve been working in Ivory Coast since 1996. Our teams provide care and support to those vulnerable to violence and abuse.

Kenya - Save the ChildrenKenya

We work with the poorest people in Kenya, including nomadic communities, refugees from war-torn Somalia, and vulnerable children with uncertain futures.

Liberia - Save the ChildrenLiberia

We first came to Liberia in the aftermath of the civil war. Today, we respond to emergencies and run a range of programmes on health, child protection and education.

Libya - Save the ChildrenLibya

We were one of the first aid agencies to enter Libya after fighting broke out in 2011. Today our teams are still there, supporting displaced people and helping protect children.

Mali - Save the ChildrenMali

We're helping the poorest families prepare for the most difficult times so that they can always give their children the care they need.

Mozambique - Save the ChildrenMozambique

We want to lift tens of thousands of Mozambique’s families out of profound poverty and set the agenda for early childhood education nationwide.

Niger - Save the ChildrenNiger

We’re saving lives by providing free access to healthcare and food. And we’re protecting vulnerable children.


Nigeria - Save the ChildrenNigeria

We started work here in 2001. We’re improving access to healthcare for pregnant women and children. And we're getting children back into school.

Rwanda - Save the ChildrenRwanda

We started work here after the 1994 genocide. We’re helping communities protect their children and running a major programme to improve children's literacy.

Senegal - Save the ChildrenSenegal

Our work in Senegal focuses on the importance of keeping families together and promoting the positive impact that this has on children's lives.

Sierra Leone - Save the ChildrenSierra Leone

Since 1999, we’ve been working on reducing deaths in childbirth and protecting women and children from violence and abuse.

Somalia - Save the ChildrenSomalia

We’ve been working here for more than 40 years. We’re focusing on improving access to education and basic healthcare across the country.

South Africa - Save the ChildrenSouth Africa

We’re giving practical and emotional support to children affected by HIV and AIDS. And we're working to protect children from abuse and exploitation.

South Sudan - Save the ChildrenSouth Sudan

We’re reducing malnutrition in children under five. We're providing children of all ages with an education and protection from violence and abuse.

Tanzania - Save the ChildrenTanzania

We’ve been working in Tanzania for more than 10 years. We’re saving lives by providing healthcare, food and shelter to vulnerable children.

Uganda - Save the ChildrenUganda

We started work in Uganda in 1959. We’re working to reduce child deaths from preventable diseases and to protect children affected by HIV and AIDS

Zimbabwe - Save the ChildrenZimbabwe

We began our work in Zimbabwe around 25 years ago. With life expectancy among the lowest in the world, we’re working to protect and care for vulnerable children.