EU Children of Peace: Educating children affected by conflict in Ethiopia

Save the Children’s latest project aimed at educating children in emergencies will see over 5,400 children gain access to basic education, many for the first time. It's funded by the European Union’s Children of Peace Initiative using, in part, money awarded to the EU as winner of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

Education in Conflict

Today, there are over 28 million children out of school in countries affected by conflict and fragility.  

And these children regularly tell us is that what they want most is to go back to school.

Each and every child should have the opportunity to receive an education, develop their talents and grow up in peace. Ultimately, when a conflict breaks out it is the context that changes, not a child’s need for education. 

Education is crucial for both the protection and the development of children affected by conflict and by promoting education we can give children affected by conflict new hope for the future.

Our work in Dollo Ado

Save the Children is setting up temporary schools and learning spaces in the Dollo Ado refugee camp in Ethiopia. Dollo Ado is home to almost 200,000 refugees from Somalia - 69% are children and of those 95% have had no formal education in their homeland.

Our project will also train teachers and other community leaders and provide essential teaching materials such as books, stationery, learning materials and educational play materials.

As well as getting an education our schools and learning spaces will mean children have access to other key lifesaving services such as health, nutrition, hygiene and school feeding programmes. There will also be child protection services that identify and protect children from the threats and risks they face associated with living in refugee camps.

EU Children of Peace

The EU Children of Peace initiative is funded by the 1 million euro 2012 Nobel Peace Prize award, plus a matching contribution from ECHO, the EU's humanitarian agency.

Save the Children joint project with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)  to help 14,000 children affected by conflict in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was one of four projects chosen to recieve EU Children of Peace funding. The NRC project is focusing on 9,000 children displaced by the fighting in eastern DRC.

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