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Fatima* from Syria

3-year-old Fatima* lives in an old coal store with her family. They've been using the building as temporary shelter since they were forced to leave their hometown due to violence and heavy bombardment.


Syria's children urgently need your help:

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Five years after the Syria crisis began, more than a quarter of a million children are living under siege.

These children have been living in constant fear of barrel bombs, air strikes and shelling – cowering in school basements for protection.

The current ceasefire has allowed us to reach children and families living in these besieged cities with food and other life-saving supplies, but this is still only a fraction of what's needed.

For our latest report we’ve interviewed families in Syria’s besieged towns and cities who have told us that babies are dying due to a lack of medical care.

Food is scarce. Children are forced to eat one meal a day of boiled leaves and animal feed. They are dying needlessly of hunger.

The psychological impact of terrifying explosions and seeing friends and family killed is also clear. Parents say their children are becoming more withdrawn, aggressive or depressed.

Since the start of the Syria crisis, nearly 12,000 children have been killed. More than 2.3 million have had to leave the country.

How your donation will help

We’ve been supporting partners working in besieged areas since 2013.

Together we provide food, help schools to keep running, repair water systems and distribute hygiene kits.

We also set up safe spaces and provide psychological support for children affected by bombing and siege.

In the surrounding areas of Syria like Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt where many children and families have fled to, we’re providing food, safe water, medicine, protection, shelter and education.

This is our largest ever emergency response - we've reached 2.4 million children across the region.

But we need to do more. Your donation will help us will provide more food, psychological support and life-saving medicine for Syrian children.

Rami's* story

Rami from Syria who now lives in Lebanon - donate now

Rami* and his family fled the besieged town of Deir Ezzor in Syria just last month.

"My children were so scared they were wetting themselves," says Rami's father, Hassan.*

"I saw four children who were hit by the shelling, it was so tragic. I couldn't watch what was happening."

It took the family two months to travel Lebanon through the mountains on foot. They had no food so resorted to eating grass.


Syria's children urgently need your help:

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Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

Last updated: March 2016.