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Our teams are on the ground inside Syria right now. We're delivering food, clean water and life-saving medicine to children who desperately need it. We’re also helping the millions of Syrian children who are refugees across the Middle East.

Syria's children urgently need your help:

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At just 15 months old, Lely* has known nothing but war since the day she was born. Last year, violence forced her family from their town in Syria. They had to sell everything to survive. Now, Lely is back at home, but she doesn’t feel safe. “The children are always scared. All they know is war," her father, Ayman,* says. “If we are to get through this we need more help.”

Since the start of Syria’s brutal conflict, more than 11,000 children have been killed. Millions have been forced from their homes by fighting.

Children still inside Syria face shortages of food, water and medicines. Families live in constant fear of attack. With some areas now under siege, many face the threat of starvation.

Two million Syrian children are now refugees, surviving in overstretched camps, cramped temporary accommodation or on the move.

The conflict has devastated children's lives and now it threatens their futures. Before the war, almost every child in Syria went to school. Now, 2.8 million are missing out on an education.

Rami's story

Rami at his school in Syria.


Nine-year-old Rami’s* school was badly damaged by bombing. “A few weeks later they re-opened the school, but my father said it was not safe to go," he said. "It was bombed twice after that.”

Now, Rami goes to a school supported by Save the Children outside the city. “I want to be a lawyer like my father, but I have to study very hard,” he said.

We’re doing whatever it takes to keep schools running inside Syria. Our teams are rebuilding classrooms, training teachers and delivering resources so that children aren’t robbed of their right to an education.

How your donation will help children

Save the Children teams are working hard in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. Many families have lost everything. We’re giving them food, safe water, medicine, protection, shelter and education.

You’ve helped us reach more than two million children in Syria and the surrounding region. This is our largest ever emergency response and the situation is worsening. We urgently need more funding.
 A mother and her young child at a camp in northern Syria (photo: Save the Children).


1.6 million people reached

The most vulnerable children are those who remain inside Syria, who are at risk of death, injury and illness on a daily basis. The humanitarian needs are incalculable. Our teams have so far given thousands of children and family members food, safe water, medicine and shelter. We're also repairing schools, training teachers and helping children get back to education.

A Syrian girl takes part in activities at one of Save the Children's safe spaces in Za'atari refugee camp (photo: Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children).


564,000 people reached

In Jordan, we’re helping to ensure that children and families don’t go hungry. We distribute 524 metric tons of bread every month, and we’ve provided food vouchers for 230,000 people. We’re also offering education and psychological care, and helping working children stay safe.

Two-year-old Zeina* at her home in a tented refugee settlement in Lebanon (photo: Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children).


957,000 people reached

Syrian refugees are spread throughout Lebanon, making up a quarter of the country's population. Our teams are helping strengthen and insulate buildings to protect families from the weather. We’re distributing clean water and hygiene information to prevent illness. We’re helping parents find work opportunities and we're getting children back into schools.

Children stand outside on a patch of waste ground where around 50 families are living after fleeing the fighting in Syria (photo: Ray Wells/Sunday Times/Save the Children).


154,000 people reached

Children fleeing Syria urgently need safety, stability and structure. In Iraq, we’ve set up 11 safe spaces. These offer play activities and education alongside specialist emotional support. We’ve also distributed blankets, clothing and food vouchers in refugee camps.

Two-year-old Lama* has been living in Egypt with her family for eight months (photo: Sally Collister/Save the Children).


49,000 people reached

More than 40% of Egypt’s 128,000 Syrian refugees are children. We’re helping make sure they can play and learn by distributing school kits and setting up safe spaces. Our teams are also helping children stay healthy by teaching about nutrition and hygiene.

Syria's children urgently need your help:

Donate now to Save the Children

Donate by PayPal to Save the Children

Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone.


*Names have been changed to protect identities.

Last updated: February 2016.